Given the length of this review and the number of plans, it is unrealistic to compare everything of them one by one. As usual, the review focuses on price, features, uptime & speed as well as customer support. Before starting our detailed comparison, we’d like to share with you the overall ratings of the plans based on our first-hand hosting experience and large-sampled customer reviews.

Please refer to this table for more differences and similarities.


Windows Azure

Price €3.00/month $76 / month
Website Unlimited 100
Disk Space Unlimited 1 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
1 SQL Server Size Include 50MB 0 to 100 MB = $ 5.041/mo
Server Features Include 4 GB RAM or higher 768 MB = $16/month
SLA 99.90% 99.90%
ASP.NET 4.5.2 / ASP.NET 4.5.1 Yes Yes
ASP.NET 4.5 / ASP.NET 4.0 Yes Yes
ASP.NET 3.5 / ASP.NET 2.0 / ASP.NET 1.1 Yes Yes
Classic ASP Yes Yes
ASP.NET MVC 6.0 / 5.2 / MVC 5.1.2 / MVC 5.1.1 / MVC 5.0 Yes Yes
ASP.NET MVC 4.0 / MVC 3.0 / MVC 2.0 Yes Yes
WordPress Yes Yes
Umbraco Yes Yes
Joomla Yes Yes
Drupal Yes Yes
Node.js Yes Yes
PHP 5 Yes Yes

Both companies are able to provide brilliant Windows hosting service. If a choice has to be made, we recommend as your web host because the price is more reasonable, features more complete and the performance and our technical support are awesome.To learn more about web hosting, please visit