In this post I will tell you how to configure Managed Metadata Service Application on SharePoint Farm. The Managed Metadata’s  primary purpose is to provide you with a central location to store metadata (commonly defined as data about data) that can be utilised throughout any site within your SharePoint farm.

Here we start configuration of metadata server.

1) Open Central Administration, Go to Application Management >> Manage Service Application >> Click on New >> Select Managed Metadata Service.

You can give name to service whatever you want, I’ve given “Managed Metadata Service” for more clarity.

and Database name as Managed_Metadata.

Give AppPool name “SharePoint – Managed Metadata Service”

I’ve used svcMetadata service account for Application Pool Identity.

Click on OK.

Once the service is created you can see it listed on Managed Service Application Page.

Now we need to start Metadata Service from SharePoint Services on Server page.

for that go to Central Panel >> Under System Settings >> Manage Services on the server.

Start “Managed Metadata Web Service”

Go back to Manage Application Service and Open Metadata Service Application

This will launch the below screen which is referred to as the Term Management Tool.

Please try it. ^^