Quite a few businesses are actually aware about the advantages that the SharePoint can offer for a business enterprise. The biggest advantage of using SharePoint 2007 is its capability of enabling you with the accessing your documents and files within the SharePoint Portal from various sources. The important aspect of sharing information and files within the organisation gains pace and is simplified SharePoint 2010. No matter if you operate a small or a mid-sized business, it may happen that you need to access a higher volume of digital documents on a regular basis, choosing to go with a SharePoint Hosting solution can be an ideal choice in streamlining your business operations. With the passing days the number of documents required for your business operations would keep on increasing and a stage would come when it becomes somewhat unmanageable with the traditional computing tools. Then, a more sophisticated and smarter solution which not only help you organise things but makes it easy to share can be chosen. SharePoint is just the thing that you can expect.

The SharePoint 2010 offered by Microsoft is a tool that offers a combination of versatility and simplicity for usage. Users can gain access to the mission critical files and documents from remote locations as well, ofcourse you need to have an access to the Internet. Moreover, SharePoint 2010 offers users with an active directory security.

Knowledge sharing is one of the very crucial aspects for any business organisation. With SharePoint 2010, one can easily be able to satisfy this need of knowledge sharing in a much simpler and effective manner. Making the availability of crucial information necessary for the smooth operation of your business can be made available to your staff with just few clicks. Knowledge sharing has never been any easier. SharePoint 2010 also allows version control and document approval functionalities.

An extended level of portal customisation and control is achievable with SharePoint. Once can work with web-parts and quick launch buttons better and organise them as per preferences for achieving better efficiency. You could even customise the home-page according to your preferences. Hot-links is another feature which is offered by SharePoint services, which would enable users to access frequently required documents at a single click of a button.

With SharePoint, you also have the provision of setting alerts for any changes made to the documents hosted on your account. This enables you to keep a track about the changes happening to your documents. This feature can be helpful when someone gains an unauthorised entry to your account and tries to make changes to your mission critical data.

SharePoint 2010 can be a useful business management tool. It can further enhance an organisations social computing capabilities and an effective management and accessibility of Collective intelligence can be achieved.