In this post, I will tell you about Error Creating Publishing Sites In SharePoint 2013. I’ve come upon a difficulty in SharePoint 2013 associated with the creation of publishing Sites. rather than the site being created, the user is confronted with the error below.

Error Messages

A list of errors logged within the ULS is at the top of this post, however the difficulty is because of access being denied to __DeviceChannelMappings.aspx. To resolve the error use SharePoint Designer to assign the Restricted read access to _catalogs/masterpage and DeviceChannels.


Within SharePoint Designer, right-click on masterpage and select properties.


Click on Permissions for this list.


Now, Assign Restricted Read permissions to the appropriate user, or group as shown on the picture below:


After that, repeat the process for the DeviceChannels folder.


This is the List of ULS error messages:

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