This code snippet for add Site Columns to Site Content Type on Host Web using JSOM. JSOM is intended for accessing and manipulating SharePoint objects by using JavaScript (JavaScript) in an asynchronous fashion. It is very useful in situations where you want to access SharePoint data or make manipulations to the data after the page has been loaded on the client. JSOM is made up from a set of JavaScript files and can be easily used in any page or Web Part by simply referring to JSOM scripts. In some cases, you may not need to provide any references such as in the case of a page referencing the standard SharePoint 2010 master pages.

SharePoint-2013-Hosting1As an example, you can use an editor such as a content editor Web Part to access and manipulate SharePoint objects by using JSOM. For instance, SharePoint 2010 uses JSOM extensively for its own usage; an example of this is the new modal dialog introduced in SharePoint 2010. This modal dialog is actually a part of the client-side SP.UI namespace and leverages JSOM to perform common operations.

JSOM provides a comprehensive set of APIs that can be used to perform operations on most SharePoint objects such as Site, Web, List, ContentTypes, User Permission and so forth. The API is simple to use and allows the developer to focus on the business scenario with a minimum amount of infrastructure required. JSOM fully supports JQuery and both can be used in conjunction with the other.

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