In this article, I will tell you about how to fix an Error when launching query builder on SharePoint 2013.


When attempting to launch the query builder when creating a new Content Source or Result Source via Central Admin you receive an error as follows:

1Error: Not able to connect to search service to retrieve valid settings.

You need administrator rights to the Search Service Application – regardless of the fact that you are a farm administrator. (I simply as of late experienced this issue yet thought it worked before – I am believing that late fixes and upgrades stopped a security opening).

Solution Implementation – Powershell
You can tackle this effortlessly by running the accompanying Powershell script with your account name:

Solution Implementation – Central Admin
You might likewise solve this by means of Central Admin.

From Application Management, click on the Manage administration applications interface under the Service Applications area:

Scroll down to your Search Service Application and click it:

Then, On the SERVICE APPLICATIONS top ribbon, select the Administrators button:


Next step, In the Administrators dialog, enter the account that needs permissions and click the Add button.

Now, select the account in the list and grant Full Control.

Click OK.

The Query Builder dialog will now launch appropriately without any inconvenience.