While working with a SharePoint 2013 environment I experienced slow page load times and poor search performance. In this tutorial, I will explain you how to fix the Certificate Validation errors in SharePoint 2013. Once initial page loads performance was fine for many minutes before the performance issue came back. Opening the application log inside Event Viewer showed the following critical error with the text:


To fix the problem is export the SharePoint Root Authority certificate using PowerShell and import it into the trusted Root Certificate store. Open the SharePoint 2013 Management Shell as an administrator.

Now, Open the Certificates MMC by opening a Run command and type MMC.

Select File -> Add/Remove Snap-in.

Choose the Certificates Snap-in and click Add. On the next screen select Computer account and click Next followed by Local computer and OK.

Now, Right-click on Trusted Root Certificates and select All Tasks -> Import.

Complete the wizard by loading the certificate you exported using PowerShell. Repeat the method on all SharePoint servers experiencing the problem. These steps fixed the error on most of our SharePoint servers, however it remained on 2. in order to repair the error on the 2 remaining servers I organized proxy access through web explorer, then from an elevated command prompt ran “netsh winhttp import proxy source=ie”.

This configures Windows to use the i.e. proxy configuration as a default. The servers were then able to access the web and verify the certificates.

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