Now, i’m working on migrating a SharePoint 2010 custom application to a SharePoint 2013 on-premise environment. i need to upgrade the SharePoint 2010 Farm solutions to SharePoint 2013. during this article we are going to see how to upgrade the SharePoint 2010 solution to SharePoint 2013.SharePoint-2013-Hosting

I have created a SharePoint 2010 custom Farm solution using Visual Studio 2010. This solution contains the following things.
Now, I am using a Cloudshare environment that has the following configuration.

Upgrade SharePoint 2010 solution to SharePoint 2013
Use the subsequent procedure to upgrade the solution:
The primary step is to move the entire solution from the SharePoint 2010 environment to a 2013 environment.
Open the solution in Visual Studio 2013.
You will be getting the following dialog message, click on the yes button.

Next step is a security warning dialog will open up, select on the Ok button looks like the following picture:
The project will be loaded as shown on the below picture.



Once the project is loaded, all the necessary changes to the project files are upgraded automatically and a migration report is generated as shown below.


All the references are mapped to the SharePoint 2013 version automatically as shown on the following picture:


Now I am goint to deploy the solution. Right-click on the solution and then click on Deploy.


Finally, the solution is deployed successfully in the SharePoint 2013 site.

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