In this post, I will show you how to Retrieve Webparts From Page Using CSOM With PowerShell On SharePoint.
The following section explains the flow for getting web parts from a publishing page.SharePoint-2013-Hosting1
Add the references using the Add-Type command with necessary reference paths. The necessary references are

If you are trying to access the SharePoint on premise site, then the credentials parameter is not required to be set to the context. But you need to run the code on the respective SharePoint server. Get the page from the respective library using server relative url. Load the file and execute the query to access the page components.

Access the web parts.
Check the web part count and if web parts present, access the individual web parts using foreach loop.
For each web part, the context should be loaded with web part properties and executed.

Then $webpart.Id will get us web part GUID and $webpart.WebPart.Properties.FieldValues will have all the properties defined for a web part. you can use foreach loop to get the necessary properties.

Like wise other properties can also be retrieved. The following snapshot shows the properties which can be retrieved for any web part present on the page. This image shows the content editor web part properties present on the page.

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