Hi guys, let’s discuss an amazing way for a SharePoint List Column to be updated as an Owner Column User Field Type via PowerShell scripting. It’s used after a quick export all the Excel sheet based records onto a SharePoint List with different type of field types.
But what if the Title column has values which have to be converted to the User field property?
The discussed approach is only applicable on an SP On-Prem site collection!
Windows PowerShell ISE should be installed on the system.
Install the SharePoint Client DLLs after downloading them in some respective paths and mention them in the PS code as shown below.
Valid login details need to be hard coded in the last UserName, Password section in order to run the script without giving the login details at the run time and achieve a seamless program running.
PowerShell script


Enter your respective details wherever highlighted or required in the above PowerShell script.
Once the above process is finished we can re-use that User field property converted Ttile column to use in many kind of List views.
We can also use the same List column for Filtering, Sorting options on all the custom List views wherever required.
Finally, we got an important way to run PowerShell script to make a given SharePoint List column to be updated as an Owner Column User Field Type via PowerShell scripting