In this post, I will tell you about The Service is Unavailable in SharePoint: HTTP Error 503. I have changed the server administrator password and then restarted my machine. None of the site is working properly. getting the below exception once I try to connect all of my SharePoint sites. Here Administrator account is same as application pool account.
The application pool account password change functionality will work till unless if we do “IISReset” or restart the server.“IISReset” or restart the server.

Service Unavailable: HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable in SharePoint
So, I visited “Inetmgr” and checked the application pools of all the sites. All the services were stopped. I restarted all the application pools and check out to connect all of my SharePoint sites however obtaining same “Service unavailable “exception once more.
Finally I googled it to get the cause of the exception. I found one good article about it.

Reason: Service Unavailable: protocol Error 503. The service is out of stock error unremarkably happens whenever the word for application pool identity account is modified or application pools area unit in stopped state. This error might seem quickly after you deploy solutions. In my case, i spotted that word got modified for the Identity account.

Note: So, guys please remember of it before changing the “Application pool’ account password.

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