Here is the detailed documentation for the SharePoint list items and their features. There are multiple ways to update the list item, here I am sharing the REST API Code.SharePoint-2013-Hosting1

Steps to update the SP List Item

Follow the below listed steps to update an item.

Step 1

Create one JS file or you can use the Content Editor Web Part.

Step 2

Below is the API to get the particular list item using Item ID, you can browse this URL in the browser to check whether the API is working or not.‘samplelist’)/items/getbyid(1)


Replace your list name with “samplelist”.

Step 3

Refer to the jQuery in your HTML file or CEWP.

Use the below code to update the item in a SharePoint list.

In this blog, we have explored how to update a particular item in the SharePoint list using REST API. Happy coding.