When we like or comment on any post in SharePoint Modern Communication Site, this section will be visible on that post (below the post content) if it is enabled on that post. We can simply turn this On or Off for that post, as per our need while editing.
SharePoint - You May Also Be Interested In
If we totally want to remove this section/feature from the communication site, then you may deactivate this Site Feature “SharePoint Recommendations”. This feature is by default activated on the Communication Site.
SharePoint - You May Also Be Interested In
This feature’s id is “780ac353-eaf8-4ac2-8c47-536d93c03fd6”, its internal name is “RecommendedItems” and its display name is “SharePoint Recommendations”.
Either you can deactivate this feature manually from UI or by using the PnP Powershell command.
Disable-PnPFeature -Identity 780ac353-eaf8-4ac2-8c47-536d93c03fd6 -Scope Web -Force
If you don’t want this feature and if you have a Custom Site Design engine, then you can maybe deactivate the feature at the time of provisioning the site (using CSOM in Azure Function or Console Jobs).
ctx.Web.Features.Remove(new Guid(“780ac353-eaf8-4ac2-8c47-536d93c03fd6”), true);
Where ctx is the context of current provisioning site collection and “780ac353-eaf8-4ac2-8c47-536d93c03fd6” is “SharePoint Recommendations” site feature id.