SharePoint allows you to create, add, and submit Microsoft forms on your SharePoint Online page. It is mainly used to provide the best way to store ideas and feedback.

There are the following two methods to create the Microsoft FORMS in SharePoint,

  • Creating a new form on the SharePoint page
  • Creating a Form on the Microsoft Forms website (

There are the following steps to create a form using Office 365.

Step 1

Open and Create a new form.

Step 2

Click on the new form and a new screen will appear where we will create our Customer Detail Form.

Step 3

Add all the required questions in the form.

Step 4

After adding all the questions click on the preview of the form.

You can customize the theme of the form according to your requirements


Step 5

Once all the Customization is done, we will add our form to the SharePoint page.

Step 6

Open the SharePoint page in edit mode and Add the Microsoft forms Web part to the page.

Step 7

After Adding Screen Microsoft Forms web part will look like the image below.

Step 8

Click on the Add existing form to add the Microsoft Forms you created.

Step 9

Copy the Form URL from and past the URL into the SharePoint Forms Web part as shown below


Step 10

Now you will be able to see the form you created visible on the SharePoint page, Now you can Publish the page and Add your response.



This is how you can Add and Submit the Microsoft Forms on the SharePoint page using the Microsoft Forms webpart.