I was making a flow that would copy the items with their images after that I found the image column was not visible to Flow. Here I am trying to achieve this using a different scenario.SharePoint-2013-Hosting

Let’s see how we can handle this.

Here I will show you this step-by-step process.

Create Hyperlink/Picture column in both lists remain this as Hyperlink type

Create a hyperlink /Picture column in both source list and destination list first keep the type as hyperlink the reason is if we make it as Picture instead of Hyperlink it will not visible to flow.

Source list column,


Destination list column,


Add some Image links to the source list column

Add an image, link as Hyperlink into the source list Hyperlink/Picture column.

It will look like a hyperlink.

Create a Flow to perform this task

Create a Flow choose trigger as “Manually trigger a Flow” in the next step add the “Get Items” action.

Then add “create Item” provide Site name and list name now you will see the various column names including the Hyperlink/Picture column now provide columns with the correspondence value.

Save it.

Run the flow,

Open the destination list here we will see the image link,

Then make the Image column type picture type and see the result

After a successful run of Flow, we will find that the Image link is there, then we have to Go to list setting ->edit column then make it as a Picture.

Then see the result.