SharePoint is a flexible server program available for use today. And the main motive of Microsoft for offering SharePoint is to help the organizations build a collaborative environment among the employees. Whenever a number of users work with an application for workflows, the amount of data also increases and demands more storage space to store it. This affects the SharePoint space configuration which eventually will badly affect its overall performance. Apart from this, SharePoint has a very dynamic nature due to which administrators and normal users, both, might face some issues. Therefore, in this blog, let us see how to fix SharePoint errors with ease. Along with this, a third party tool is also discussed for SysTools SharePoint to SharePoint Migration.


Common SharePoint Errors Encountered By Users, With Solutions

This section of the blog will let users know about SharePoint problems and how they can resolve these easily.

Problem #1 – Increase in Database Size

It is clear that the SharePoint database contains lots of documents, images, presentations, videos, etc. And, everybody knows media files are generally large or heavy in size, which increases the total database size also. This will somehow increase the browser timeout and have an adverse effect on the performance of the SharePoint application.


Now, to avoid this situation, it is always recommended to fix this SharePoint file size error. If there are multiple media files, then it is suggested to save or move them to an external storage device.

Problem #2 – Unnecessary Data Take Space

It is obvious that after some time, the data becomes useless and not required by the user. Therefore, to manage or create storage space for new data, a user has to remove the unnecessary data from time to time. If this is not taken care of at the time, then it will definitely start creating issues in SharePoint application.


To overcome this storage space issue, a user is advised to Shift + Delete the data that is not necessary to free up the storage space on the cloud for new data.

Problem #3 – Database Stored in SQL Server

SharePoint database is stored in an unstructured form on the SQL Server. However, the data is stored as the BLOB (Binary Large Objects) and in the case of SharePoint, the database becomes large in size. Moreover, it uses a large number of SQL resources and whenever a user works on SharePoint, each process takes lots of time.


In this case, a user can shuffle BLOB database to the SQL secondary storage such as NAS (Network Attached Storage).

Problem #4 – Missing Site Templates

This is one of the commonly faced errors by the users when they upgrade SharePoint from one version to another. Because sometimes while doing so, site templates get deleted, which generate an error.


Look for the site definition on the earlier server. After that, simply upgrade it to support the latest version, and install it on the upgraded server.

One Stop Solution to Overcome All Troubles of SharePoint

The above discussed errors are just highlights of the issues related to SharePoint problems whose main reason is storage limit. Now, to stop them from occurring in the future, one needs to look for some SharePoint Issues alternatives. There can be several possible reasons that result in issues in SharePoint and the worst case is data loss.