Lately, I have come across some need where I need to determine the version of the SharePoint site that is being used. The business users are not sure what version of SharePoint they are using. Did little research and came across the following methods. Let’s get into those details.

Method 1: Getting the host header URL

This is the simplest way to determine the version of SharePoint being used. By getting the host header URL and then appending ‘/_vti_pvt/service.cnf’ the URL.

If the version says then it is SharePoint 2013.

Method 2: Using Developer Tools

The other way is to use developer tools Edge or Chrome, and look into resource files response headers. Let’s see how to do that.

Step 1

Login into your SharePoint site, and do ‘ctrl+shift+I’ I am using Google chrome here.

Step 2

Click on the ‘Network’ tab. If there are no scripts getting loaded, try refreshing the page. You should be seeing the list of the scripts getting loaded under ‘Network’ tab.

Step 3

Select any resource file like init.js, resource.js or sp.init.js. check the ‘Response header’.

Step 4

At first you see General Tab. Scroll down a bit and check for ‘Response Header’ and underneath check for version of SharePoint.

In my case the version no. is, in my case the version is SharePoint 2013.

Note on SharePoint versions

  • If the version number starts with 15 series then it is SharePoint 2013
  • If the version number starts with 16 series and with the format of 16.0.xxxx (4 digits after 16.0) then it is SharePoint 2016
  • If the version number starts with 16 series and with the format of 16.0.10xxx (5 digits after 16.0 and starts with 10) then it is SharePoint 2019
  • If the version number starts with 16 series and with the format of 16.0.14xxx (5 digits after 16.0 and starts with 14) then it is SharePoint Server Subscription Edition

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