In this blog, I will discuss SharePoint online Button web part, its properties, limitations, and basic workaround to the limitations.SharePoint-2013-Hosting

The Button web part is used to add a custom name and link buttons on the SharePoint site page. When we click on the button it will navigate external or internal URL appended to the button.

How to add Button web part in SharePoint online

  • Open the SharePoint online site page
  • Select Edit Page
  • Click on the + circled icon to add a new Section Layout
  • Insert the button web part.

  • We can align the button using the property pane to the left, center, and right sides of the section.
  • Using the property pane, we can name the button that we want to display. And in the link field, we should use the URL to which you want your button to navigate from the current page to the respective page.

Limitations of the Button web part

  • We cannot add different colors on the button as it is based on the theme color of the current site theme, if you want to change the color of the button you have to change the site theme
  • Using the button web part, we cannot open the URL in a new tab.

The solution is to open the URL in a new tab.

  • Add a table using the text web part and make it a single-row and single-column table.
  • Using hyperlinks, you can add the URL in the table and select a checkbox with open in a new tab option
  • But here too you cannot change the button color as a table to have a limitation of color in SharePoint Online.

There can be another workaround or solution, if you know any comment down below.