In this SharePoint Online article, we will go through the SharePoint Text Web Part. We will discuss how to add a SharePoint Text web part to a site page and how to insert images, tables, and hyperlinks in a text web part in SharePoint Online modern site.

What is the Text web part in modern SharePoint?

Using the text web part we can add normal text, tables, and paragraphs to our SharePoint site page.
In the text web part, we have various formatting options like bullets, styles, indentations (we can move the paragraph towards right or left), links, and highlighting are available, where we can highlight the content.
We can also insert links and add images with inline text in the modern SharePoint text web part.

How to add Text web part in SharePoint online?

Open the page where you want to add the Text web part to the SharePoint page.
Click on + icon and search for text web part.

Now you can see text web part has been to the SharePoint page.

Add your text in the webpart and now to see more options click on (…) and you can see Text and table formatting pane will be available on the right side of the page.

  • You can choose the font style accordingly for e.g., Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough.
  • We also get the formatting option as Subscript and Superscript and clear formatting option. As you can see below.

We also get the formatting options like font style as heading, normal text or quote and size of font can be changed accordingly in the text web part.

SharePoint Online Text Web Part

Here the maximum font size available is 68.

In the modern SharePoint Online text web part, we can add image.

In text web part we can get option to add table and format it accordingly. We can add delete rows, columns and format the header on the table.

We can also add Hyperlink in the SharePoint Online text webpart by typing the appending URL link name.

This is how we can add text web part in Modern SharePoint Online page and in the next article we can discuss about the Image formatting in text web part.hostforlifebanner