This blog describes the use of the Image Web part in SharePoint Online. It allows us to insert an Image on the page from our device or the web.SharePoint-2013-Hosting

Adding Image Web part in SharePoint Online Page

To insert the Image Web part in the Site Page, select Edit on the top right of the page and put the page in edit mode. Click on the + circled icon and select the Image web part. Click on the Image and insert the web part.

After inserting the web part, the following default options for inserting the image will be displayed:

Select the relevant option and insert the image.

Once the image is inserted into the page following editing options will be available,

  1. Resize
  2. Crop with a free ratio
  3. Aspect Ratios
  4. Alignment
  5. Save

Caption can also be inserted for the image.

Click on the Edit Web part button on the top which will open the property panel on the right of the page displaying the following options:

  1. Change – Option to change already inserted image.
  2. Link – Adds a link to the image. On click of the image, it navigates to the link.
  3. Add Text over the image – Adds Text over the image similar to the caption. It appears on top of the image.
  4. Alternative Text.

This is how we can use the Image Web part in SharePoint Online.