Now, I am going to tell you about How to Managed metadata Service Fix in SharePoint 2013. Most people might need bump into the following error multiple times throughout development activity as show as picture below:

That error typically happens once there’s one thing wrong with the permissions for the account running the Managed metadata Service in SharePoint. The following is the solution that I used to fix this error.

Solution 1
Cause: Managed metadata web Service is not running.
To check if the Managed metadata Service is running use the following simple procedure.

  • Click on Central Administration.
  • Then, Under the Site Settings section you’ll see Manage Services on Server. Click  that.

  • Click on Managed metadata web Service status and begin it accordingly. It ought to be started.

Solution 2
Cause: Account that was running this Service Application were missing the specified permission to run this application.

To check if the account has appropriate permission use the following easy procedure.

  • Go to – Central Administration.
  • Now, check that account is running this service application visit configure Service Account in Security section.
  • Select your service Apps and check that account is running the application. Once you’ve got this account check the corresponding permission for this account on the Managed metadata Service.

  • Select Managed metadata Service on the Manage Service Applications page under Application Management section.
  • Under the ribbon choose Permissions and add the appropriate permission for the account as shown below: