When browsing to a SharePoint 2013 page, I got an error “The Content has expired and can no longer be used” as shown below. You can try on your SharePoint 2013 Hosting.

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First, you must check the error in log files, it has been logged as,

The reason for this error is clock settings for SharePoint is not sync with the clock settings for server. To fix this error,  Open Central Administration – Application Management –  select Web application – on the ribbon click General settings tab – General settings – update the time zone with the SharePoint server.

Then, Disable or Increase the “Web page Security validation” in General settings for SharePoint web application. Central Administration -> Application Management -> Manage Web Application -> Select Web application -> on the ribbon select “General settings” -> Off the Security validation/Increase security validation expire time as shown below. Disabling the “Web Page Security Validation” will not be preferred option.