Security Management may be a prime concern in SharePoint, because the right content has to be served to the proper individuals with the adequate permissions. SharePoint recommends assigning role-based permissions. All the permissions are managed through the roles. Roles are classified in two sections:SharePoint-2013-Hosting1

  • Role Definition
  • Role Assignment

Role definition, additionally called a permission level, is that the list of permissions, related to the role. Full control, contribute, read, design, and limited access are some of the role definitions available.
Role assignment is the relationship established between users/groups and the role definition.

In this blog, let’s use JavaScript Object Model to examine if user has Full control Permission level in the web.

Now we can add the above code in the Content Editor Web Part to see it in action.

Specify the URL of the text file containing the JSOM Code in the content link field.

Upon clicking “Apply”, we will get the output in the console, as shown below.

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