In this review, I will tell you about how to disable Mobile Browser View Across Sites In SharePoint Server 2016. Device channels were introduced in SharePoint 2013. SharePoint-2013-Hosting1Device channel allows us to map the created device channel to a device, based on its user agent and target custom master pages, specifically to the device. Thus,  we can have one master page for iPhone while a different one for Blackberry and so on.

However, when we try to specify a master page for the device channel, we will get the below warning if Mobile Browser view is not disabled.

Now, we can disable Mobile Browser View feature across the sites in a site collection by running the below script in SharePoint 2016 Management Shell.

Now, Heading over to the Features section, we can see that the Mobile Browser View has been disabled.

Now, we can successfully specify the master page for device channel, as you can see on the following picture:

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