Most of the time we want to provide access to all the users not only internal users but externals as well in SharePoint online to do this is pretty straightforward by providing “Everyone” access in the SharePoint sites. But the problem arises when the “Everyone” group is not present but “Everyone except external users” is present to bring the Everyone group back we need to run a few PowerShell commands. SharePoint-2013-Hosting


In this blog, we will understand how we can get the “Everyone” group in our SharePoint Online tenant by running Few commands.

Using SPO PowerShell

To install SPO PowerShell Use the below command,

If SPO PowerShell is already installed using the below command to update the Module.

To enable “Everyone” in the tenant to use the below commands,

Using PnP PowerShell

We can even use PnP PowerShell to enable “Everyone” in the tenant to use the below command to Install PnP PowerShell.

To get a specific version of PnP.PowerShell you can use -RequiredVersion parameter with the version number.

If the PnP.PowerShell is already installed you can skip the above command and just run the below command to connect to Tenant admin and enable “Everyone”.



In this blog, we understood that in order to provide access to all the users in Active Directory, be it an internal or external user, if “Everyone” is not present we need to run a few commands to enable it in the Tenant Level