This article will help you upload the large files in the SharePoint online library into smaller chunks. This article is based on the article, Programmatically Uploading Large Files In SharePoint Online, with some enhancement.
It will walk through step-by-step how to upload the file in SharePoint Online.
Step 1
Create a library in Sharepoint online, eg. Name it Test_ABC.
Step 2
Install Node.js from here
Step 3
Create an Angular project(LargeFileUpload) using AngularCLI
Step 4
Create a proxy setting for Angular with Sharepoint online using my blog Proxy With Angular 6+ And SharePoint Environment.
Step 5
Create a FileUpload Component using the below Command
Step 6
Create a FileUpload and GlobalServices services using the following commandL




Once the template for file upload is created, then update the file-upload.component.html
  1. File Upload: <input placeholder=“Upload File” type=“file” (change)=“largeFileUpload($event)”>

Then file-upload.component.ts as:


Finally, run the code using the command:

Now, your requests will be served at http://localhost:4200/.